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    Stop buying your materials for your handmade products at local craft stores.

    I’ll show you where to find the best materials from the best suppliers to fuel your Etsy selling success.

    After getting more than 1 million views on YouTube with over 100,000 follow up questions answered for handmade businesses since 2012, Renae Christine has learned that 90% of handmade businesses fail within the first 5 years due to lack of proper suppliers or the know-how to find those suppliers of the best materials.

    Read this resource guide to learn:

    • Why every Etsy seller and handmade business owner needs a supplier.
    • Why you should avoid your local craft store’s clearance section like the plague.
    • Common mistakes that you could be making.
    • How much money you need to place an initial order, which might surprise you.
    • Where to find tens of thousands of proper material suppliers.
    • The questions to ask before taking on a supplier and placing an order so you don’t waste your money.
    • 15 of Renae Christine’s favorite suppliers from a convention she scoured just for handmade businesses.
    • Additional bonus suppliers listed from different handmade industries.

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    Download this guide and find the free gift within the first 5 pages.

    Is this resource guide for you?

    You need this guide if you:

    • You’re in the ‘Etsy business for beginners’ phase of business
    • You feel like your business or Etsy shop just can’t get off the ground and you don’t know why
    • You want to learn how to sell on Etsy through proper strategies and avoid making mistakes

    Renae Christine has been featured in Yahoo Finance, ABC, CBS, Reuters, Bloomberg Business Week and in thousands of other publications worldwide. She is the worldwide known business coach for everything handmade. Renae is even more rare because she built a six-figure stationery business herself.

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